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Two words. Creative Market. Creative Market is an online source for creatives to share their work. You will find graphics, websites, blog themes, and even fonts. The prices range from $2 to $200 on certain things. If you're looking for a logo or a website on a budget then Creative Market might be the place for you.

I've been working on changing up my website recently. My current website template is from Into the Darkroom. I've had templates from Blue Domain, Flash Palette, and even the Apple standard template. This blog is a custom  Pro Photo blog design by the team at Braizen. I'm still transitioning to a new site and decided to let you in on one of my best kept secrets. (Be sure to use the Pro Photo link if you're interested in a Pro Photo blog. You'll save $10. You can also use the code MDAY7028.)

Here's a preview of my new site. It might not stay like this. But guess what...the template was only...$9!!! And it's a Wordpress template!! All you need is a hosted domain with Wordpress installed.

Creative Market Website
Creative Market Website

I'm sharing this because I love all of you...lol. I honestly don't mind if all of you have the same website as I do. But...please don't copy everything I do to it.

So where do you get this lovely template?

One Page Love

Creative MarketCreative Market is having a sale!!  valentines14off

What else did you find? I'll be writing more along the lines of branding, blogs, business cards, etc. Be sure to keep checking back!!