Beauty Tips | Smashbox Full Exposure Palette I'm starting to add more things to the blog here. I want to reach out to you in more ways than just my photos. Hopefully you've noticed the tutorials I've posted. If not, that's okay. I came across an article today about Smashbox Cosmetics' Full Exposure Palette. I am a makeup junkie. I'm not great with makeup but I love it all the same. I'm currently working on getting great at doing eye makeup and love, love, love that Smashbox posted this video on eye shape. How many times have you been confused about what shape your eyes are? I know I get confused all the time. Check out this super simple video to learn how to tell your eye shape. I'm an almond. ;)

They even have more videos to show you exactly how to apply the makeup for your eye shape!!

Smashbox Full Eye Palette

The Full Exposure Palette retails for around $49 at some of my favorite places to buy makeup:


Do you want to save even more? Sign up for Ebates. You might not always get a percentage off but you'll get a rebate. Always go through Ebates before making any purchases online.

So...what eye shape are you?


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