Fashion Buzz | Look great THROUGHOUT your weight loss journey

Who says you need to wait until you lose the pounds to look fabulous? Look great throughout your journey and at any size. So, I'm overweight. Yes. I said it. There's really no denying it and if you're going to WPPI or you're one of my clients you'll see it sooner or later. I want to lose weight and a lot of it. But that doesn't mean I have to look frumpy in the process. I have struggled with weight my ENTIRE life. I've yoyo'd from "normal" to plus size and back again. I've finally decided to make a commitment to myself. (That's my word for 2014, too.)

Sooooo....since I'm focused on getting in shape I work out all the time. This helps me feel sooooo good. Of course I'm not where I want to be but why not enjoy the ride. Here are some of my tips for looking fabulous at any size.

1. Where what fits. The actual size of the garment doesn't matter as long as it fits. I have clothes in all sizes. I care about the number but more than that, I care about the fit.

Acting silly before Valentine's Day dinner.

Acting silly before Valentine's Day dinner.

2. Don't rely on loose clothes alone. While some items should be flowy, don't think that everything needs to be overly big. Trust me, you're not fooling anyone by wearing that oversized shirt. You're only adding bulk to your size. If you're a 2 or a 20, oversized clothes only make you look bigger. Where a fitted shirt under your loose sweater to really show your shape. If you're uncomfortable with rolls then wear an undergarment like Spanx. There are less expensive alternatives as well.

3. Shoes, shoes, shoes. Shoes can make an outfit. Don't think that just because you have some weight to lose that means you can't wear some killer heels. Get those 5" pumps and pack some foldable flats in your purse. There are stylish flats out there as well. Military style boots are awesome! You can wear them slouchy or laced all the way up. You can wear these even if you have large calfs. Flat slipper shoes work well, too. The options are endless. Make them fun!!

4. Hair, hair, hair!! Don't forget your hair people! Get your hair looking amazing. Don't waste an outfit on horrible hair. If you're feeling less than fabulous then through those locks in a bun. If you have natural hair, like me, then make sure you keep it looking fresh. I have a funky cut to make it easier for me but work with whatever you have. Don't be afraid of color either. Check out Pinterest for tons of hair ideas. You're working out a lot so be sure to look for easy to do styles that can be done quickly.

5. Makeup. Makeup is your friend. I know that beauty can be natural but let's face it...who doesn't feel good with a little extra attention to those brows? I love that makeup can help me contour my face. That's a fancy way of saying "make me look smaller by making my face look smaller". If you saw my previous article about eye shape then you know I love, love, love makeup.

It seems like recently designers have realized that plus size girls have money, There are so many places that offer trendy clothes in my size now. Here are some of my favorites.

ASOS (students get a 25% discount)

Simply Be

Kami Shade'



Now you have ZERO excuse to postpone a photo shoot! You can look fabulous at any size.