My name is Monica.

Photo by Alice Keeney Photography

Photo by Alice Keeney Photography

I am a self taught and motivated photographer. I started in photography as a young child in elementary school. I was the photographer for a little newspaper that my friends and I wanted to start. The paper never got off the ground but my love for photography was ignited. As the years went by, I came back to photography and started learning on a film SLR camera that I picked up in a pawn shop. I photographed anything and everything I could find. I later attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and took my very first photography class. This class was all about the darkroom.

I have developed a deep skill in communicating with children, families, adults, models, and my team. I have a strong background in communication and making my clients and team feel at ease. This helps me create beautiful images that reflect the personality of my clients while leaving an enjoyable experience. My clients are extremely important to me and I value those relationships. 

I believe that photography is an art of the mind and soul. I believe that photography captures the essence of what we are thinking and feeling. I strive to create this in each of my images and value the time and effort of my clients both personal and commercial. 

In my personal life, I cherish moments. I cherish memories. I cherish experiences. I want to always create an experience that my clients will find memorable in a positive way. I expect that my commercial clients will continue to seek me for my unmatched ability to connect with my subjects. I know that my personal clients will continue to reach out to me to create those everlasting pieces. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you and do what I so dearly love.

Monica Day